Techs4Tex Nonprofit Foundation Offers Grants


Techs4Tex not only hosts quality, fun staff development events for teachers, we also support innovative projects for public k-12 school districts.  Techs4Tex grants . . . 

  • are awarded to individual K-12 teachers

  • are for classroom-based innovative projects the school district cannot or does not fund

  • promote high-level, technology integration or technology integration staff development

  • assist school districts with a high need for funding special projects

  • require an interview and a proposal

  • require a follow-up report

2018 Texas Google Summit: 5 grants for a total of $5250.

2017 Texas Google Summit: 3 grants for a total of $8539.

2016 Texas Google Summit: 6 grants for a total of $6,367.50 and 20 scholarships.

2015 Texas Google Summit: 6 grants for a total of $6,643.82 and 13 scholarships.

2014 Texas Google Summit: 2 grants for a total of $2,700 and 6 scholarships.

2013 Texas Google Summit:  Our Very First ONE!!! 

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